January 2010

Peter Gluckman on Applying Evolutionary Principals to Improving Human Health at the Applied Evolution Summit at Heron Island, Australia

6 May 2010

Evolutionary medicine symposium by Gluckman and Beedle for medical students (please see the Teaching section for associated material)

6–8 August 2010

A workshop on Conceptual Issues in Evolutionary Medicine organized by CHEAD

February 2011

A review by Gluckman, Low, Buklijas, Hanson and Beedle on ‘How evolutionary principles improve the understanding of human health and disease‘ has been published in Evolutionary Applications

April 2011

Publication of a paper co-authored by Peter Gluckman, titled ‘Epigenetic gene promoter methylation at birth is associated with child’s later adiposity‘, in Diabetes.
Media coverage: Science | BBC | New Zealand Herald | Liggins Institute press release

June 2011

Gluckman, Buklijas and Beedle presented a seminar on Human Evolution at the LENScience Senior Biology Seminar Series

June 2011

Plasticity, Robustness, Development and Evolution by Patrick Bateson and Peter Gluckman has been published by Cambridge University Press

July 2011

Evolutionary medicine symposium by Gluckman, Beedle and Buklijas for medical students (please see the Teaching section for associated material from 2010)

August 2011

Peter Gluckman lecture on ‘Mismatch’ and ‘Plasticity and Development’ at the Evolutionary Foundations for Medicine and Public Health summer course, Mt Desert Island Biological Laboratories
Resources: Video recording of ‘Mismatch’ (Youtube) | Presentation abstracts and slides

October 2011

Peter Gluckman presented on ‘Evolutionary and life history perspectives on human growth‘ at the 71st Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop on Recent Advances in Growth Research: Nutritional, Molecular and Endocrine Perspectives, Vienna
Resources: Video and slideshow recording (free reg required) | Workshop programme (PDF)

December 2011

An article by Buklijas, Low, Beedle and Gluckman on ‘Developing a Curriculum for Evolutionary Medicine: Case Studies of Scurvy and Female Reproductive Tract Cancers‘ (Pre-publication PDF, 102 kb) was published in Evolution: Education and Outreach.

May 2012

Radio New Zealand interview with Peter Gluckman on the themes covered in his latest book, Fat, Fate and Disease.

July 2012

A new open access journal from OUP, Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health, of which Gluckman and Beedle are Associate Editors, has been launched. It is published on behalf of the Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health Foundation.

September 2012

Lecture by Gluckman at the University of Michigan Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Symposium: World Leaders in Evolutionary Medicine, on Evolution and epigenetics; mismatched living in a mismatched world.

December 2012

Peter Gluckman was awarded a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant to study Epigenetic mechanisms, stunting and poor growth; targets for interventions within their Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative. More information is available in the Liggins Institute press release.