A cause of teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is an unintended pregnancy causes teen pregnancy among teenage girls. There are many factors influence in teenage pregnancy rates that mainly occurred due to unprotected sex, increase of popularity of xxx teen videos, or due to sexual abuse or rape.

Teens don’t have adequate knowledge about sex is the cause of teen pregnancy. The report says that the teenagers who are engaged in sexual intercourse, about 50% of teenagers never use a condom and 15% do not use any preventive method to avoid pregnancy that may cause teen pregnancy.

Reasons beyond teenage pregnancy

There are many reasons for teenage pregnancy but the main reason leading up to teen having sex must be addressed to get to the heart of the issue.

teenage pregnancy

Peer Pressure

At teenage, teens often feel pressure to get friends that too fit with their peers. Many times teens allow their friends to have sex even they do not understand the actual cause and reason behind it.

Peer pressure is a reasoning skill that engages in risk-taking behavior. Teenagers may have sex that the way they feel happy, exciting, and cool. In that unawareness case, it may lead to teen pregnancy.

Family Dynamics

Teen girls are more likely to get pregnant when they did not get any guidance from their parents. When a teen, not get a chance to share her sex idea to her parent, she turns her direction to her friends and may lead to the cause of increases number of teenage mothers.

The friends are also from teenage groups, they also don’t have sufficient knowledge of sex and teen pregnancy may be the reason beyond why teenagers get pregnant?

Glamorization in Pregnancy

The allure of being pregnant is more for modern teen pregnancy. The media and movie portrait about teen pregnancy in movies and shows by glamorizing teenage pregnancy is also the reason why teenagers get pregnant?

During teenage, the girls are interested in the appearance, sex interest, and think about how their peers perceive them; they feel like to have sex with their friends with unprotected sex. This is one of the causes of the increased number of teenage mothers.

Lack of Knowledge

Teenagers are young students doesn’t have full knowledge about their subject or sex. Many teens never understand the biological and emotional aspects associated with sex. But they get more chance to watch sex-related videos through the internet and TV.

They want to try with their friends, due to a lack of knowledge about sex; this is a cause of the increased number of teenage mothers.