Online networks and discussion sites on evolutionary medicine and evolution more broadly
A web-based review of evolutionary medicine. See also Evolution & Medicine Network
Panda’s thumb: discussions and critiques of evolutionary theory, science and education
HuGE navigator: a public resource on human genome variation in health and disease


New Scientists’ Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions


Relevant blogs
John Hawks on paleoantropology, human genetics and evolution
PZ Myers’ blog on evolution and development


Talks, lectures and webinars
American Institute of Biological Sciences talks on evolutionary biology and human health
U.S. National Institutes of Health Evolution and Medicine lecture series


International Society for Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
The Liggins Institute Centre for Human Evolution, Adaptation and Disease
University of Southampton Developmental Origins of Health and Disease Centre


The work of Charles Darwin and the history of evolution and development
The complete work of Charles Darwin online
Darwin Correspondence Project