Parents create the environment in the home to maintain the relationship with children to nurture their ability and meet the challenges that confront as they grow and ready to face the world in a sportive manner is the ideal way of parenting.

There are different types of parenting style is preferred by child psychologists some of them are permissive style, aggressive style, and assertive style. It’s about their parent and children relationship that must maintain their style.

Take a look at Permissive Style

The parent cares the child so much and never allows them to do clean-up activities regarding any household items and study items related to their child. The parent demonstrates the permissive style on the nurturing role without offering enough structure is the ideal parenting style.

Some of the clues of the permissive style include acting flustered, fearing on the upset of your child, unclear or indirect on requests, worried much about child future and think your child may dislike you, etc.

parenting style

When you bring out the child in a permissive style that result in improper behaviour, the child starts to misbehave or give disrespect to you, never listens to fulfil your needs and obligations, never show interest to do any kind of work or task, never concentrate in studies.

As a result, the ideal parenting style results in child behaviour that never builds confident, hope, self-esteem, respect, and behaviour. This naturally damages your relationship with the child.

Parenting way of Aggressive style

Aggressive style parents are rigidly enforcing the child to follow the rules, time, behaviour, etc. Child life is like a robot machine. As per the parents are the key, the child must move on.

Here the natural love, care, interest on parents will be lost by the child. These types of parents are typically harsh and cold to their child. If the child disobeys their order, they get heavy punishment.

As a result, the self-esteem of the child gets damaged which in turn loses his self-confidence. The relationship between the parent and child become worse day by day.

Most successful parenting – Assertive style

These style is the most effective parenting style that is been adopted throughout the world for parenting. Parent gives importance to the child and makes them to understand which is good and which is not?

Parents are listening to child willingness and still hold in their needs hence the parent’s and the children have relationship bonding.

This is the most effective parenting style in which the parents are so friendly to the child and try to cope up to fulfil all the needs of their children. In the case of setting limits, the parent not sticks to the unwanted or useless things and provide alternate choice to make them feel happy.

Some of the best clues on assertive style parenting include listening to child’s point of view, not blaming the child, give freedom to the child, give a direct and clear idea to their life way, and making the rules that are flexible to the child.

As a whole parenting style is preferred by child psychologists is assertive style, here you make them understand what is the impact on refusing, empathizing, accepting which is good and not, reveal the honest feelings are the best child nurture in assertive parenting style.